08 March 2013

Li-Ion starter battery (12V for cars)

Li-Ion starter battery (12V for cars)

Greater Charge Acceptance Rate — lithium ion Engine Start Battery is designed with a greater charge acceptance rate than AGM lead acid, enabling it to charge up to 10 times more quickly and contributing to a fuel economy improvement of 50 percent or greater compared with lead acid as reported by customers.
Lithium Ion battery is lower and much lighter 

Reduced Weight — Lite Plus weighs less than 30% of comparable lead acid batteries, helping to reduce vehicle emissions and enhance driving performance and agility.
Extended Life — The extended calendar and cycle life inherent to Nanophosphate technology enable the battery to last at least twice as long as AGM lead acid batteries, resulting in minimal maintenance and lower total cost of ownership.
Minimal Environmental Impact — LiFePO4 Battery offers reduced total carbon emissions compared to lead acid and do not contain lead or any other hazardous materials. By replacing lead acid batteries with Lithium Ion solutions, customers can reduce the environmental impact of their systems, helping its customers promote their green initiatives and sustainability goals.

Ordinary OEM lead battery is old tech 20+ kg lump of excess weight. Everyone, who loves enthusiastic driving, open track events etc know that additional mass is no good. Our 20 Ah li-ion starter battery weights only 2,5 Kg, lighter car has less inertia, accelerates and turns in more agile manner.

04 March 2013

New cool Li-Ion starter battery

New cool Li-Ion starter battery, light, good for open track events. Lite Plus Li-Ion starter battery.

Key Benefits over old tech conventional Lead Acid:

  1. Extensive Cycle Life: More than 4X longer life than lead acid provides lower total cost of ownership
  2. Dynamic Charge Acceptance. Accepts high rates of charge and captures more energy from regenerative braking for improved fuel economy
  3. Lighter Weight: up to 70% lighter than lead acid batteries
  4. Excellent cold crack performance - on par with lead acid
  5. Real-time data and diagnostics protect the battery and prevent premautre failures, reducing service and warrantly costs