21 May 2010

Got rid of my DVD player

Today was kind of historic milestone. I unwired my Onkyo DVD player. Proper DVD player has been almost #1 signal source for my home cinema for decades! First one was bought from Helsinki back in 1991. Second one vas bougth 5 years ago with Onkyo AV system.

Instead of dedicated DVD player I plugged external LG Super Multi DVD player Model GE20LU11 via USB to my Popcorn Hour C200. Cracked player Region Free using MediaCodeSpeedEdit and cracked C200 using Community Software Installer. Instructions are here

Some may wonder, why DVD player, not BluRay. I just have many DVD-s, not yet BluRay disks. All new HD stuff is coming from torrents in H.264 Matroska container format. Just saved few $$$.

Usability report after the break.