25 January 2009

Folding@home supercomputer

This indeed not HD related, but I have been busy building my personal supercomputer (PSC) for Folding@home application. Currently I broke 5 TFLOPS barrier, but new milestones to hit.

24 January 2009

My new challenge

Green is this year black. So, I'll downgrade my media server power-wise, trying to retain full HD capabilities.

Outline of new architecture:

I really hope to cut power consumption down multiple times. Numbers and Watts after the break.

13 January 2009

TwonkyMedia Manager 1.0 and Server 5.0 are out

TwonkyMedia has news. They changed their ancient website to more modern, updated server 4.4.9 to 5.0 and added brand new product - Media Manager. Actually Media Server is now a component in Media Manager (also separately downloadable).

Twonky Media Manager 1.0

This product is for PC / Notebook scenario. In case, You are using NAS or dedicated Linux / PC server, You may upgrade to Media Server 5.0

Main improvements in version 5.0
  • new database structure that uses less memory;
  • server-side user-playlist support;
  • new transcoding architecture; 
  • new plug-in that includes support for Internet feeds like Flickr photo, YouTube™ video
  • new Internet radio stations

More detailed test later. Be tuned :)