11 January 2008

Logitech's aquisitions

Logitech is taking big steps to consolidate digital media entertainment products. They have purchased Slim Devices, and two of their main products Squeezebox, ca U$ 300-400 product pricing and Transporter, ca U$ 2000 product pricing. Aditionally they have their own Wireless DJ Music System U$ 250.

08 January 2008

Dual mode players

There is new trend in media streaming. There are Dual User Modes:

  • Extender for Windows® Media Center
  • D-Link MediaLounge™ in D-Link case.
Media Center Extender mode shows Media Center screens on Your TV, look and feel like PC. Proprietary MediaLounge look and feel like streamers we got used to.

There are new breed of PC-to-TV players like D-Link DPG-1200 witch act as pure PC desktop extenders and doesnt anymore stream from UPnP storage!

New from Dlink

There is line of new products "coming soon" from Dlink. I'd like to emphasize one nice feature I missed long time and now model DPG-1200 has. Now You can connect cheap LCD monitor via regular VGA cable. Until now it wasn't possible because of missing VGA connector.

New remote has trackball and 2 buttons. So, navigating on TV screen is more PC-like.

Note, that DSM model name has been changed to DPG!?