17 December 2012

Lexus GS 450h F-Sport heavy hybrid powerful GT car

Lexus asked to give my opinion about their sporty and really powerful GS 450h F-Sport model . Ones who think they know how dull was GS in the past -- forget all that. This one is the beast. 200 kg heavier that BMW 535d. But active damping and steering makes miracles. Car feels lighter than that.

Strong design language in front, not so in rear

Discrete wing, pretty M5-lookalike

450h means 3-liter V6 combustion engine paired with electric motor. Huge total torque available in full RPM range 

Floeting disks like in proper sports car, brakes did not fade despite of heavy car

Pretty old school gear lever gate, this car actually employs high tech variator, combined with electric motor. EV button switches to stealth mode to scare pedestrians. Avoid ECO, use Normal ore Sport +, to firm up suspension. Does not change max power available.

Rev meter in the left is replaced by ECO meter in Eco mode

CLS Shooting Break

Tested and reviewed Mercedes Benz CLS Shooting Break last weekend in Estonia. This AMG bodykit 350DCI 4Matic is the sexiest, coolest, most desireable wagon on the Planet Earth.

Fujifilm X-E1 review

Got Fujifilm X-E1 in my hands. Compared to Panasonic Lumix GX1.
Fuji need improving in focusing, too slow, too unreliable. But image quality is absolutely top class. New X-Trans APS-C sensor rocks.