06 February 2007

Who are reading My blog?

My blog has been up and running about 1 month. At very beginning I started measuring traffic with Google Analytics www.googleanalytics.com . It is very illusttrative tool with different charts, based on very little information of my readers.

All together, readers from 15 different countries visited my blog.

Top 5 Countries
#1 USA
#2 UK
#3 Canada
#4 Swizerland
#5 Australia

I wondered about Swizerland!? Who are these watchmakers, reading my media server blog?

1 comment:

nader said...

It's Me. I've been reading ur blog for a couple of weeks now cuz I'm looking for a media player and can't make a choice between : netgear eva8000, dlink dsm 520, ziova cs510 and last but not least the helios x3000.