19 May 2008

PCI-E RAID controller installed

Due to some compatibility issues I decided to get rid of old-fashined PCI RocketRaid 1820A and replace it with very modern PCI-Express technology RocketRaid 2320 unit. It has PCI-E x4 architecture.

My media server in the nutshell
  • Dell PowerEdge SC1430
  • Quad core Intel E5335 CPU 2,0 GHz, 1333MHz FSB, 2x4 MB L2 cache
  • 2GB Memory
  • HDD 80 GB dedicated to OS and programs
  • RAID 5 2,25 TB (4x750 GB Hitachi SATA), dedicated to digital media
  • RocetRaid 2320 RAID host adapter, PCI-E x4 (300 MB/s each SATA port)
  • Broadcom Gigabit NIC
My main objective was to get away from compatibility issue, but once I had to reinstall my RAID, I choce more potent PCI-E model to get rid of all possible bottlenecks in the data path.

System bottleneck speeds:

So, network is the slowest link in the chain.

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