01 March 2009

Few new notable HD titles

I've found few new titles in HD, mainly 720p in .MKV format H.264.

You can borrow these titles in HD format from Your friends wia bittorrent network. Use MiniNova.org or other servise fo find title needed. 

My workflow:

1. Type in name of the title to MiniNova.org search box
2. Select Movies tab
3. Sort by Seeders 
4. Ctrl+f to open find in browser
5. Type 720 or 1080 to find first HD version in the list (if available)
6. Download torrent and activate bittorrent client uTorrent or BitTorrent
7. Move downloaded file to correct location
8. Unpack RAR files (usually HD movies are in multiple .RAR's)
9. Put .MKV in the right directory


butterfly valves said...

Great blog. Love your post. Is the girl in the picture pam anderson?
I dunno...

Jaak Ennuste said...

She's Beyonce from Cadillac Records


Anonymous said...

Filmide varastamine ei ole ilus, ok? Ühe seaduse järgi lausa kuritegelik muide.