08 January 2010

Ordered Popcorn Hour C-200 today

I ordered Popcorn Hour C-200 today. I have been happy A-110 owner more than a year. It's very good HD streamer, handled Full HD 1080 .MKV and H.264 better and earlier than others.
So, why did I switch?

1. It has much more powerful Sigma Design SMP8643 processor (previous model had SMP8635). A-110 excels in video decoding, but lags in Fast-Forward, jump to and other UI functions. I really hope, that new processor makes user experience better;
2. It has LCD, enables to play audio w/o switching plasma on;
3. I like new design and form factor.

Now I have to wait some 2-3 weeks....

Your order has been sent to Popcorn Hour.
Popcorn Hour is responsible for charging and shipping your order. Have questions? Contact Popcorn Hour.
  • Jan 8
  • Popcorn Hour received your order.
  • Jan 8
  • You placed an order with Popcorn Hour on Jan 8.


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