28 January 2010

Received Popcorn Hour C-200, doesn't work

Popcorn Hour A-110 (smaller) and C-200 (larger)

Received Popcorn Hour C-200. I liked the form factor, it fits much better into my home audio system than old undersized A-110 model. I connected it to my home audio-video system, to home server via Ethernet -- and disappointed.

C-200 started up like perfectly normal. Showed media source menu. Recognised my TwonkyMedia UPnP server. First my new C-200 played SD stuff but at very sluggish way. Did't respond to pause, stop and play commands. Actually responded, but with very big delay. 16x fast forward kept going long time after pressing play. C-200 screen showed play command, but nothing really happaned, kept doing fast forward. Didn't respond to STOP command either. Returning to previous menu level was also extra slow. I restarted C-200 many times, didn't help. restarted my streaming server, no effect.

Things went bad to worse, after upgrading firmware from Maintenance menu. Kernel version 19-POP, firmware version 408-000. Firmware upgrade went OK. New firmware downloaded 100%, installed 100% and verified 100%. But new it is not recognizing any media files. Not in streaming mode neither in network browsing mode. Sees all my servers, but no media files.

I have now to wire back my old Popcorn Hour A-110 what pisses me off big time.

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