21 April 2013

Polish carbon monopod SIRUI

Polish wonder SIRUI
I was looking long time new mono pod for my Sony SLT a99 to shoot clear photos with 500 mm lens. First I was looking at Gitzo offerings, but the price of decent mono-pod was steep. They ask 350€ for Gitzo GM5541 series 5 carbon monopod and 250€ for Gitzo GH1780QR series 1 centre ball head. Total 600€ bill felt un-adjusted.
By lucky chance I found Polish producer SIRUI. They offered heavy duty P324 carbon mono pod, withstanding 20 kg load, for only 94€ and additional 100€ for K-10X ball head. Total package just 194€!!!
After few days of shooting, I can say only good words about SIRUI. Ball head is smooth, there is no need to fix it properly, it’s possible to switch from landscape to portrait by using a bit more force, twisting semi-closed ball-head, but the camera with tele lens still feels firmly fixed during shooting. It’s possible to select pre-load on 1-12 scale, where 12 is 100% fixed position. I found useful to leave pre-load to 7, using my a99 and Zeiss 135mm f1.8 
Mono pod looks gorgeous. Polished carbon threads are nicely visible and over-sized diameter just looks affirming.

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