08 November 2008

Digital signal path in AV streaming

Watching cable SD by Internet provider (IPTV)

  • IPTV Provider, ADSL IP data
  • Thomson SpeedTouch 780 IPTV boadband router
    Twisted Pair ADSL IP data -> HTTP Ethernet 10/100 Mbps 
  • Amino Aminet A110
    Video: HTTP protocol Ethernet 10-baseT -> 576i component (Mpeg2) 
    Audio: Coax S/P-DIF PCM
  • Onkyo TX-SR706 FLI-2310  
    Video: Component 576i/50 -> HDMI 1080i
  • Hitachi 42" HD plasma
    HDMI 1080i -> image
As You see, there is still one stage in analog. Hope to het new Aminet A130 or A530 box with HDMI to het over it.

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