19 November 2008

HD bandwidth compared to SD

Left HD 1080    standard SD 352 lines on the right

I did some research today, looked few titels in HD and SD, comparing bitrates, both video and audio. Its really good to see, that better-quality matherial has more bandwitht for sound (up to 1,5 Mbts) than usually watched crappy XviD movies (sound and video combined less than 1 Mbps).

My content:
  1. Top Gear MKV 1080p H.264
  2. Hancock MKV 1080p H.264
  3. Bourne MKV 1080p VC1
  4. Mariposa ASF 1080p WMV
  5. 1000 Places Cambodia MKV 1080p MPEG4
  6. Californiavation MKV 720p H.264
  7. SI Swimsuite 2008 AVI 720p XviD
  8. Average SD AVI 352i XviD
So, video bandwith was generally 10-16 Mbps for HD and ca 1 Mbps for SD XviD. Sound took about 350 Kbps, in DTS 1500 Kbps, in crappy XviD DVD rip about 127 Kbps.

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