01 November 2008

Onkyo TX-SR706 Faroudja DCDi is overheating

I have used it only 2 days, but I'm quite sure, that Faroudja DCDi Cinema scaler is overheating, if natural cooling not well provided. Plasma is losing signal in conjunctiton with fast screen transitions. In my case cable set to box and DVD component signals are up-converted to 1080p by Faroudja DCDi Cinema scaler.

All the other user csenarios work well. Signal from Dlink DSM-520 HDMI is also up-converted to 1080i HDMI output. Today I watched 3 consequent Fifth Gear series from my Media Server / DSM-520 but no siglal losses occured. Then I swiched over to cable and signal started to disappear in every minuta or so. In my case I up-converted component signal to HDMI 1080i. I swiched my receiver off for an hour, it cooled down and problems disappeared. 

I'm planning to modify my TX-SR706, installing fan and heat-sink to FLI2310 DCDi chip.

I'll report more later...


Anonymous said...

Jack, according to my info the 706 uses a DCDI cinema chip FLI30336 or Torina. The photo of your chip is a crappy edge type chip, used in Denons etc. So either you have not got a 706 or ONKYO are short changing their customers.

Please let me know asap

Jaak Ennuste said...

I took this image from Onkyo site. I never opened my receiver, so I dont know exact type. Still, changed receiver under warranty and problem disappeared...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying Jack. I was going off the 706. as you have got one [or replacement] any chance on a brief summary of what its like.

Is is good for music?
Does it run hot?
Whats the remote like and does it control other kit easily?


Jaak Ennuste said...

My speakers and everything is set up more to multichannel, not pure stereo. Still, my opinion is, that its very good also for music. It runs hot, so I installed 5" 12 volt fan, running on 7 volts very quietly. Keeps temperature down significantly. Good for IC and elecrolytic cap. health