18 January 2007

D-Link's new media receiver

Dlink announced some new features of upcoming draft 802.11n high definition media receiver DSM-750.

Evolution of DSM media players -- my interpretation:

Wireless 802.11g;
Screen resolution 480 lines? (not confirmed)
SCART RGB or Component + S-video

New in DSM-520 (compared to DSM-320)
HD screen resolution 1080 for MPEG 2 and MPEG4, 760 for WMA HD and 760 x 480 for photos;
Wireless 802.11b & g;
HDMI output

New in DSM-750 (compared to DSM-520)
Draft 802.11n wireless (up to 200 Mbit)

So, only remarkable upgrade is draft N wireless, what allows better video streaming over wireless network.

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