25 January 2007

Minor upgrade

Today I upgraded my Media Server RAID setup.

One volume per server
RocketRaid 1640 controller
RAID 5 volume, bootable (Win XP + data)


NEW: Two volumes per server
NEW: 40 GB IDE UDMA 5 bootable HDD (Win XP + TwonkyMedia server + other software, not shared)
NEW: RocketRaid 1810A controller (hardware accelerated RAID 5 parity calculation)
RAID 5 (4 x 160 SATA 150), containing digital music, images and movies - shared

So, basically I have bootable, not shared HDD for Win XP and data-only RAID 5 volume, shared to my house.

Performance IOmeter

Write throughput
Before 10 MB/s
After 54 MB/s Improvement 5,4x

Read throughput
Before 100 MB/s
After 100 MB/s same

Real-world copy test 254Mbyte CD

Before 8,5 MB/s
After 21,2 MB/s Improvement 2,5 times

Performance HD Tune

After (55MB/s, burst 82 MB/s) and before (47,7 MB/s, burst 57 MB/s)

I'm satisfied with new RAID 5 write performance!


Anonymous said...

Have you tried ZFS raid? It it is invulnerable to hardware raid problems, such as write-hole problem that hardware raid suffers from.

I have now got two SunRay for my Solaris desktop. They are thin clients, 4Watt each, 0.37 kg. No ram, no CPU. You cant upgrade them. Just connect them to the desktop and you can login and work. Stream sound and movie. A dual core opteron desktop with 4GB ram suffices for 100 SunRay users. If you have 16GB ram, then it suffices for 500 users. Each sunray is the size of VHS video cassette. You can have 20 of them in a drawer, should you need 20 computers for users. One Solaris dual core desktop in the basement and 2-3 SunRay on each floor. Everyone uses the ZFS raid, and no viruses, etc. Very neat.

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