17 January 2007

I digitized it all (almost)

One day I made quite fundamental decision. No stacks of CD-s anymore in my house! I should rip them on the hard disk and listen from more innovative systems -- like digital media receivers all over my house.
I made quite MS friendly choice to rip them into WMA format: 192 bps, 44 Khz sampling, 2 channel, 16 bit format. For some reason I believed its sound superiority over mp3 format.

Also, I moved to digital photography -- that's indeed pretty obvious. I also started to scan all my previous films and photos into my digital storage.

Today I have 8 700 tracks from 680 albums, fron 230 different artists in my Media server, about 35 GB of songs.
Key facts of Digital Music:
  • 35 000 000 000 bytes of music
  • 8 700 tracks
  • 680 ripped or purchased online CD albums
  • 230 artists
Also I have 21 000 digital photos in my Media server, allocating 23 GB of disk storage. They occupy about 15% of my half-terabyte Media server. So, there is room for growth.
I don't have videos and digitized DVD-s yet in my Media server, as I use to rent films and look digital TV.
More about my Media server hardware and software, also about media receivers in my future blogs.

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